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What Is The Leading Cause of Type 2 Diabetes? How Would You Know If You Have Developed It?

Leading Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

Whether it is prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, or type 1 diabetes, they link to a single hormone, i.e., insulin. However, type 2 diabetes evolves from prediabetes. As a result, your pancreas produces very little insulin for the breakdown of glucose in your body, which doesn’t let insulin extract the sugar from the bloodstream and transfer it to its cells.

But why does your pancreas stop producing enough or optimal insulin that couldn’t have brought you to the point where you have developed type 2 diabetes? We will find this here in this guide where we will shed some light on what is the leading cause of type 2 diabetes, and how would you know if you have developed one?

What is the Leading Cause of Type 2 Diabetes?

Let us start with a staggering fact, which says that approximately 95% of diabetes cases in the USA are the result of obesity, and being overweight. It simply means that if you are physically inactive, your chances of developing type 2 or prediabetes are already higher.


Obesity and being overweight lead to insulin resistance, which is a phenomenon where your body doesn’t let insulin attain its function. Consequently, the blood sugar level keeps surging, and you start feeling the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, which we will discuss in a moment.

The solution?

The only solution to obesity, and being overweight is to stay active, and let go of an inactive or unhealthy lifestyle. You should exercise regularly, eat healthy, and sleep optimal. This way, you would start feeling the freshness in your mind as there will be no stress there, but the motivation of not giving up on eradicating the chronic disease.

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

There are many symptoms signifying the development of type 2 diabetes in your body; however, the most frequent of them are:

  1. Immense Thirst

Your thirst would nearly triple of the usual. You will find yourself drinking water hastily. Also, regardless of how much water you drink, you will urinate often.

  1. Hunger

Like your thirst, your hunger will surge. It could be normal, but what isn’t normal is you will feel hungry while eating.

  1. Numbness

It is one of the most obvious symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Your hands and feet will turn numb most of the time, even when you think you are doing absolutely fine and fresh. There are chances you will feel pain in them as well.

  1. Tiredness

Even when you are not doing anything, you will feel tired. As the severity of the disease increases, so will the fatigue in your body.

  1. Blurry Vision

If you have developed type 2 diabetes, you will feel your vision to be a little or more blurry, it depends upon the intensity of the disease.


The leading cause of type 2 diabetes is obesity, being overweight, and an inactive or unhealthy lifestyle. You would know if you have type 2 diabetes if your hands or legs start feeling numb and painful, your thirst and hunger have abruptly increased, and your vision is a bit blurry.

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