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What Is The Real Cause of Diabetes? How Does Your Body Develop Prediabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, and Type 2 Diabetes

Cause of Diabetes

The genuine cause of diabetes remains a mystery. However, doctors and scientists have given us a handful of reasons. These reasons, i.e., the causes of diabetes, make sense and allow us to comprehend the phenomena behind developing the chronic disease.

That said, the theories explain that the cause of diabetes may fluctuate from the ancestral line to your body not being able to produce insulin or resist its movement throughout the body. Keep reading ahead to understand more about the possible actual causes of diabetes.

What is the Real Cause of Diabetes? — Prediabetes

Prediabetes is a state of the body where your pancreas is developing the insulin, which is required to move glucose from your bloodstream to the body cells to provide them energy, but due to an unknown reason, it fails to do so. As a result, you counter the symptoms of prediabetes.

The most visible symptom is high blood sugar level. If you feel nausea, fatigue, increase in your thirst, stomach pain or shortness of breath, you should right away consult your doctor, for they are the symptoms of high blood sugar level, which signifies prediabetes.

What is the Real Cause of Diabetes? — Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is the result of your body not being able to produce insulin. To put it more simply, there is no insulin produced in your body. The reason for not developing insulin is unknown, but scientists explain it may be because the cells that produce insulin in your body might have been destroyed or damaged.

And the aftermath of this phenomena develops type 1 diabetes in your body.

What is the Real Cause of Diabetes? — Type 2 Diabetes

Unlike type 1 diabetes, which occurs when your body stops producing insulin, type 2 diabetes evolves from the state of prediabetes. Yes! You thought it right, it is less severe than type 1 diabetes, but can not be taken for granted because it can still leave your body vulnerable to deadly failures.

As for the cause of type 2 diabetes, it occurs when the insulin production in your body keeps decreasing, and the glucose level in your blood keeps increasing. Not to forget the resistance, if your body is still making insulin, the body will resist it, and prevent it from performing its duties.

Can Genetical Inheritance Be The Cause of Diabetes?

We can not depend on this reason alone; however, there are chances of you developing type 2 diabetes if someone in your family suffers from it. Though it is rare, the chances of you developing the disease will keep on climbing depending upon the number of diabetic individuals in your family.

That said, it should be a closer one in your family who is diabetic and enhances your chances of developing it. For instance, your parents or siblings. Other than that, the chances will keep on decreasing.


Now you know, there has not been a definite cause of diabetes but the doctors and scientists do consider if the insulin-producing cells in your body have worn out and lacking the production of insulin or not producing it at all. Also, if your closer bloodline has developed diabetes, your chances would ultimately elevate.

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