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What is Prediabetes? What are the Signs that Can Help You Prevent it?

Prediabetes - Signs that Can Help You Prevent it

Prediabetes doesn’t knock on your body before you sustain it, which means it has no or relatively fewer symptoms. However, if not controlled, it can develop into type 2 diabetes, which is more severe than prediabetes and leads to dangerous body failures.

The question now raised is how are you supposed to control something you are not aware of? In simple terms, you first have to know what prediabetes is, so that you can take precautions and mold your lifestyle accordingly.

That said, this guide will do just that for you. Not only will it answer what is prediabetes? But highlight its possible signs, enabling you to take precautions and prevent its development into something much more harmful to your physical health.

What is Prediabetes?

Prediabetes is the presence of higher than normal glucose in your blood, i.e. presence of higher blood sugar levels. However, they are still not high enough to develop into type 2 diabetes. It is an initial level, which has higher chances of reverting if taken seriously and treated sincerely.

Now, how would you know if you have prediabetes? As we said, there are no definite symptoms too obvious, however, there are some signs that may signify the presence of prediabetes in your body. These signs can either be problems with your kidneys, vessels, or heart. If any of them start aching or acting abnormally, it could be a sign for you to get a test done.

This is where you will know if you should pay a visit to your doctor, and have yourself tested for prediabetes. If you test positive, you can take necessary measures, and if you don’t, you will know that you are at least safe in this regard, and rule this out.

Some other signs can be; an increase in your thirst, your vision turning blurry, suffering from anxiety, etc. If you experience any of these cumulative symptoms, you must get yourself examined for prediabetes.

How Can You Develop Prediabetes?

There are these possible factors that could lead to prediabetes in your body.

  • Sleep

One pointer of insulin resistance is the lack or disturbance in sleep. You may be repeatedly waking up between your sleep, or not sleeping at all.

  • Weight

Obesity is a leading cause of prediabetes, and so does being overweight. You must not gain weight unusually in a short time, or it could lead to prediabetes. To maintain an ideal weight or at least be safe from being unhealthy, you need to make sure you go on a regular walk after your meals as it will maintain and regulate blood sugar levels.

  • Activity

If you are not active, your chances of sustaining prediabetes will be higher. Therefore, you should try to get in as much physical activity in your routine as you can.

  • Family History

Your chances of sustaining prediabetes are lesser if your cousin or uncle has it. However, they will be higher if your sibling or parent is suffering from diabetes or prediabetes.

These are only the major factors elevating the chances of sustaining prediabetes in your body. However, some minor factors like smoking, age, etc. also factor in developing prediabetes.

How to Revert Prediabetes?

Now that you know what prediabetes is, you should learn how you can revert it or prevent its development into type 2 diabetes.

To do so, you only have to abide by a healthy lifestyle. You should be very sincere with your healthy routine, and let go of, or at least minimize, all unhealthy or high-carb foods and meals. Usually, it takes 10 years for prediabetes to develop into type 2 diabetes.

But, most people don’t make it to type 2 diabetes because of their dedication to eradicating it. And what do they do that you can also do? They exercise daily, typically to reduce up to 7% of their total weight, and drink plenty of water.

And you should do that as well. Your diet should consist of several low-carb foods, which will ultimately inject a balanced and proportioned diet, especially with proteins, in your body and you will keep a safe distance from the dangers of the disease.


Hope this answers your question of ‘what is prediabetes’. Prediabetes is higher than the normal glucose level in your blood. If you are not careful with your weight, sleep, diet, activity, etc. you may develop it in your body. But being careful with them will help you revert it if you have already sustained it, and ensure it never finds a way back.

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