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Here Are The Foods To Avoid With Diabetes And They Are Not What You Think!

Foods To Avoid With Diabetes

Controlling or even finishing off diabetes from your body depends upon your sincerity with your diet. If you are consuming totally against the recommended diet, you are probably welcoming your own end by yourself.

It doesn’t matter how much your body is craving for what you can’t eat, you have to ensure you don’t make that available to it. That said, here is the list of foods to avoid with diabetes, or what you must not make available to your body, no matter how intense the craving.

Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

This list of foods to avoid with diabetes comprises those foods that you come across on a regular basis. As a result, your body craves them the most, but here’s why you must not be consuming them at any cost.

  1. Flavored Yogurts

Flavored yogurts are a combination of high-carbs and low or nonfat milk, which means they contain the sugar equivalent to ice cream. If you consume them, your blood sugar level will spike to a considerable gap, and you’ll soon start touching the floor.

Therefore and contrarily, you should opt for plain yogurt, which is way beneficial for you, being a diabetic. It is because it has a maintained level of carbs that keeps you energetic throughout the day and optimizes your blood sugar levels.

  1. Sweetened Cereals

Breakfast might probably be the most important food of the day for you if you are a diabetic. It is because it is the first food you consume after waking up, and that decides how the rest of your day should go. That said, you must not have sweetened cereals in the morning.

These cereals are high in carbs, which is poison for a diabetic patient. Apart from that, there is way less protein in each serving, which is what you need the most to maintain your blood sugar levels and counter diabetes.

And yes, you should not be deceived by the word ‘Healthy’ on them because it is for those not affected by chronic disease. You should focus on those cereals providing more protein and less carbs.

  1. Dry Fruits

Don’t give that surprise look, it is what it is. You can not consume dry fruits if you have diabetes. The reason is their sugar concentration is higher than those soft fruits including berries, apples, and alike, which are beneficial for your health.

However, where the dry fruits will be providing your body with the nutrients and minerals like potassium and vitamin C, the high carbs in them will be spiking your blood sugar levels, which is the last thing you want as a diabetic patient.

  1. Fried Foods

First of all, let’s understand the criteria of fried foods here. We are asking you to give up on those fried foods that are dipped into the floor or breadcrumbs, which means they are crispy. And it also means you should not consume them.

Because they are dipped into the floor or breadcrumbs, which are naturally starches, and have high-carbs in them. Their intake, on one side, means protein consumption, but on the other side, it is dangerous.

  1. Fruit Juices

Again, please, don’t be surprised! Fruit juices are not good for your health if you are a diabetic. Even if you are intaking absolutely sugar-free or unsweetened of them. They are similar to the soda consumption, which means they contain as much sugar as them.

Regardless of whether they are sweetened or unsweetened, you will always find fructose in them, which is a type of sugar that increases the resistance of insulin regulation throughout the blood, and promotes obesity.


Flavored yogurts, sweetened cereals, dry fruits, fried foods, fruit juices, and foods alike are the foods to avoid with diabetes. You should be as sincere to their consumption as you are while not taking a bath with cold water when you catch the flu.

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